Scrambled Egg Wrap

Rs. 399

A very filling, delicious mixture of spicy Scrambled eggs wrapped in roti.

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Rs. 699

Crispy strips of fried chicken wrapped in a roti coated with cheese and herbs.

Minced Beef Wrap

Rs. 849

Cooked Beef Mince, roasted peppers, our special sauce with cheese and herbs - all wrapped in a roti & grilled to perfection.

Marmite Veggie Wrap

Rs. 599

Flavorsome soy meat mixed with a range of fresh veggies and roti strips, prepared with a mitey Marmite twist.

Stuffed Seafood Wrap

Rs. 799

An assortment of prawn meat, fish and cuttlefish wrapped in a rotti with veggies and herbs.