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Rotti Wraps

Rotti Wraps

Scrambled Egg Wrap.jpg

Scrambled Egg Wrap

Rs. 690

A very filling, delicious mixture of spicy Scrambled eggs wrapped in roti.

Chicken Wrap

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Rs. 1040

Crispy strips of fried chicken wrapped in a roti coated with cheese and herbs.

Chocolate Rotti with Nutella.png

Chocolate Sandwich with Nutella

Rs. 990

Smooth Nutella sandwiched between two freshly made flaky Rottis, and topped with a special dark chocolate sauce

Chicken Ham & Cheese Sandwich.jpg

Chicken Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Rs. 1040

Flavorsome soy meat mixed with a range of fresh veggies and roti strips, prepared with a mitey Marmite twist.

Stuffed Seafood Wrap.jpeg

Stuffed Seafood Wrap

Rs. 1090

An assortment of prawn meat, fish and cuttlefish wrapped in a rotti with veggies and herbs.

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