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Wanna hear our story? Well, it all starts with four friends and their love for Kottu. Yatta, Don, Wait-for-it (HIMYM reference) and Poobala, as they are affectionately known, all ventured into the food industry back in Feb 2018. Their vision was to let customers mix and match the carb, veggies, and protein, to create the perfect kottu for their tastebuds. ​ So in a cozy space in Nawala, KOTTULABS was created.


If we are to keep things very real, being in the restaurant industry is no piece of cake! One messed up the order, one small error and you have a very angry, dissatisfied customer venting online. For a bunch of people-pleasers like us, it was a tough first year. But, you learn, grow and we stuck it out! ​


Taste is key at KOTTULABS. So we are always trying to bring about more dishes that will tantalize your tastebuds while keeping on the good old classic meals. We started with just Kottu and have introduced wraps, Parata meals, a range of delish appetizers, drinks, Sawan kottu, and yummy dessert rottis! Kottu is such a beloved Sri Lankan meal and everyone has their preferred type of kottu.  It's tough to cater to everyone's varied tastes but that's what the create your kottu option is for! ​


We've come a long way since February 2018, we now run two locations, the newest which is located in Kelaniya and was started in 2022 and we couldn't have done it all without you, our loyal group of kottu lovers! So in appreciation, we are always running promos, giveaways and offers on our social media platforms. Go follow us if you haven't already! ​


People, planet, profit - we are continuously trying to make sure we keep our staff happy, customers happy, our investors happy and our environment safe. It's a tough juggle, but we are committed to growing and evolving. If you have an idea that can help us grow and be better, get in touch! ​


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