KL Inventions

KL Inventions


Mutton Babath Pittu Kottu

Rs. 1250

The infamous Mutton Babath curry prepared with Pittu (rice flour)


String Hopper Kottu with Kiri Maalu

Rs. 1050

The rare yet perfect combination of string hopper Kottu with the beloved Kiri Maalu curry.


Veg Kadala Kottu

Rs. 1100

Satisfy your veg cravings with our Vegetarian Kadala Kottu made with batter-fried mushrooms and chickpeas. 


Egg Dolphin Chicken Kottu

Rs. 1250

Extra flavourful Dolphin Chicken Kottu made with yummy chunks of Egg Rotti.


Low Carb Seafood Kottu

Rs. 1400

No Rotti! Prepared with an assortment of fresh veggies and delicious seafood that's grilled to perfection!

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Prawn Pasta Kottu with Cheese

Rs. 1450

It’s not just any pasta dish, this is a pasta kottu made with delicious Lankan style fried Prawns  and creamy Cheese!