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  • What's the difference between between Dolphin Kottu and Rotti Kottu
    Dolphin Kottu is prepared using strips of Parata, where as a Rotti Kottu is prepared using Godamba Rotti. The preparation process is also different. The strips of Parata are added to the Wok only after all the eggs, vegetables, the selected proteins and gravies are added. So the Parata is added to a pool of gravy and then when wokking the kottu the Parata takes the shape of a Dolphin and it moves back and forth like a Dolphin on a pool of water. It is also important to clarify that dolphins are not harmed or used to make dolphin Kottu! At KOTTULABS we have gone the extra step of using Egg Paratas to give that extra punch. You can also use Cheese Paratas for the Dolphin Kottu. This was a unique innovation of KOTTULABS.
  • How is Cheesy Kottu prepared?
    Cheesy Kottu is prepared by adding Egg, milk and cheese into the wok, along with the other kottu ingredients. Cheesy Kottu is best consumed within 1 (one) hour of preparation. Cheesy Kottu traditionally is a crowd favourite as its soaked in Milk & Cheese. But at KOTTULABS we also add gravy to it so its gives a better taste.
  • What is a Kottu Rice?
    Kottu Rice is wok-fried Basmati Rice with Eggs, mixed vegetables and batter-fried mushrooms. Kottu Rice is offered with a devilled portion of your choice and a side serving of Chilli Paste. At KOTTULABS we have a secret sauce that goes in that gives that extra punch. It is a must try. This was a unique innovation of KOTTULABS.
  • How is Low Carb Kottu Prepared?
    Low Carb Kottu is prepared without Rotti or any other carbs such as Strings, Pittu, Parata, etc etc. It is prepared by mixing in vegetables, Eggs, a curry/protein of your choice and a delightful blend of spices. So it’s a guilt free Kottu dish you can try. This was a unique innovation of KOTTULABS.
  • What is Sawan Kottu?
    We have two versions of Sawan Kottu - a Family Sawan and a Party Sawan. Family Sawan is serves in a foiled container and the portion serves 4 to 5 people. Party Sawan is served in a Sawan Tray and the portion serves 8 to 10 people. KOTTULABS is the Worlds first place where over 50+ varieties of Sawans are offered.
  • What do you mean by "Make your own Kottu"?"
    We offer customers the option to customise their kottu.Customers can follow the process mentioned below to customise their Kottu. 1. Select a Kottu Size 2. Select a Type of Kottu 3. Select a Curry/ Protein 4. Select the Vegetables 5. Select the Spice Level 6. Pick and Add-on (Optional) To order a custom kottu or "make your own kottu", click here. KOTTULABS is the Worlds first place where over 100+ varieties of KOTTUS are offered.
  • Can I request for more Gravy?
    Yes, sure! If you are dining in at KOTTULABS, feel free to speak to a waiter and they will arrange it for you. You can also request for gravy when placing a delivery or takeaway order online or over the phone.
  • What are "Add Ons"?"
    We offer the following add-on options when ordering a Kottu: 1. Fried Egg 2. Added Cheese 3. Marmite 4. Chicken Sausage (Cheese and Onion flavour) The Fried Egg is served on top of your Kottu. The rest of the options are mixed in to your Kottu. You can however request for the Fried egg to be mixed. When ordering a Parata Meal we offer the following Add-on Options: 1. Extra Fried Egg 2. Added Cheese 3. Two Extra Paratas 4. Two Garlic Paratas
  • Why should I mention my prefered Spice Level?
    We offer customer the ability to choose their preferred spice level when ordering a Kottu. This is done in order to ensure that the Kottu we prepare may not be too spicy for you. The Spice Level Options are as follows: 1. Mild 2. Medium 3. Spicy 4. Extra Spicy
  • Can I choose more than one protein/ curry option?
    Yes. When choosing to use our "Make your Kottu" option, you can select upto six protein/curry options that you prefer. Do note that the total cost for the Kottu is calculated by adding in all the Protein/Curry options plus the type of Kottu and any other Add-Ons you selected
  • Is the food Halal?
    We are Halal conscious. We do not offer pork and our suppliers are Halal-Certified.
  • Whats the Meat/Seafood/ Mushroom quantity used in the Kottu?
    A question that we commonly get is whats the Grammage of protein used in the Kottu. At KOTTULABS we have 4 types of sizes you can chose from and the Grammages differs from each size. An approx grammage used for each size of Kottu is mentioned here.
  • If I have an issue with my order what should I do?
    Pls contact us directly via our contact numbers, or msg us on IG and FB. We will attend to the matter. We generally respond with a solution within 24hrs. Customer feedback is very important to us at KOTTULABS. At KOTTULABS due to number of false complains we have received, we have designed a robust procedure to be followed by the team in order to ensure the actual cause of the concern raised by a customer if it is a negative experience. This involves requesting the food to be returned, doing certain testing on it, to following up with other customers for similar complains etc etc. The process is based on the nature of the concern. We do address both the positive and negative complains based on an unbiased stance.
  • How long can I store the food ?
    Your food is best consumed within an hour of receiving.
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