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Terms and Conditions

1. If you are finding it difficult to complete the online ordering process, please do place your order by contacting us via phone on 077 6680 000. When possible, please do help us improve by sharing your experience via mail.

2. When opting to "create a kottu", please note that the vegetables used may differ based on availability. However, we will do our very best to make your kottu as per your instructions.


3. Upon confirming your order, you will receive an email confirmation. If there are changes made to the order after the email is sent and the order reaches the kitchen, we will inform you via call. 

4. The delivery time promised refers to the duration from when an order has been accepted by the kitchen to the time the rider arrives at your doorstep. We are working meticulously to ensure that the delivery is made on time. However, there are extenuating circumstances such as heavy rains, floods, loss of power etc. that may prevent us from reaching our goal. Your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated at such times. 

5. To check whether your order has been accepted, please refer to the order confirmation mail and click on the button which states "View order status". If the status is "New", this means that the kitchen has not yet accepted the order. If the status is "Accepted", this means that the kitchen has accepted the order.

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