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1st March, 2019

Explore the science of Kottu


There is nothing that gets a Lankan’s taste buds salivating as a Kottu does. Maybe you are in the mood for a classic Chicken Kottu? Or the signature Kiri Maalu and String hopper kottu combo? No matter what kind of meal you have in mind, KOTTULABS is ready to prepare it for you.

The Story

28th of February marks a year for KOTTULABS. From tempting us with delicious looking kottu snaps on social media to delighting our taste buds with their freshly made Kottu creations, KOTTULABS has grown from strength to strength since they started operations. The brand holds over 10K followers on Instagram, 5K followers on Facebook and many great reviews on Google.

What KOTTULABS does differently is to offer customers the option to choose exactly what they want in their Kottu and deliver it free of charge (to selected locations) to your doorstep. Their free delivery locations include Colombo 1-7, Nawala, Nugegoda, Rajagiriya, and Dehiwala.

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Established by four Kottu lovers (affectionately known as “Yatta”, “Don”, “AR”, and “Waitforit”), their objective for KOTTULABS is to provide fellow Kottu lovers in Sri Lanka with the opportunity to enjoy a plate of Kottu exactly the way they want it. As their brand tagline mentions, at KOTTULABS, “You’re the chef, we’re the cooks”.

Among the four guys, Yatta is one who runs the kitchen and created those delicious Kottus. His love for fresh produce and Lankan spices is what makes Kottu from KOTTULABS a cut above its competition. Don looks into Marketing, AR into Finance and Waitforit manages the operational activities. Reflecting back on the year, the four are just thankful to their customers and credits them to following feedback and input on the food offered – so that they can continuously improve.

The Food:

To create your own Kottu, you simply need to follow three simple steps.

  • Select a Carb (Rotti, Kadala, Pasta, String Hopper, Pittu)

  • Choose four veggies (Carrot, Leek, Bell Pepper, Capsicum, etc)

  • Pick a Protein/Proteins (Chicken, Beef, Mutton, Sausage, Fish, Crab, etc)

You also are able to select how spicy and tangy you would like your Kottu to be.


KOTTULABS offers 6 signature Kottu in addition to their customized Kottu feature. Each signature dish is created by combining the most beloved elements of Sri Lankan cuisine. Pittu with Crab, Strings Kottu with Kiri Maalu, Dalla deviled with Rotti Kottu. The “Kadala Invasion” provides vegans and (some) health enthusiasts with a savory and varying picante experience, the “Fish and Strings” incorporates one of Sri Lanka’s prime staples, String Hoppers, into a unique and fun variation with a classic Kiri Maalu curry as the perfect accompaniment to the dish.


Amongst all the crab dishes in Sri Lanka, “Crabbin with Pittu” takes the cake as one of the most distinctive and quirky dishes on the list, made with fresh crab and handmade pittu and a ton of local spice, this one’s sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave your craving for more. Riding on the seafood hype train, Kottulabs unique take on the classical devilled cuttlefish Kottu dubbed “Devilled Dalla” will certainly satisfy those squidy cravings that we know and love, you can even get a side of hot butter cuttlefish to get the best of both worlds, and the list goes on. They also have a wide range of other appetizers, add-ons, desserts, and beverages to choose from. Pineapple fries, Chicken Kebab, Chocolate rotti are amongst the best sellers.

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The menu is updated seasonally and is open 6 days a week from 3 pm onwards. The restaurant is Halal conscious as it purchases dairy and meat items from Halal-certified suppliers. KOTTULABS features a fully equipped open kitchen with a plush atmosphere, rich with the smells of Sri Lankan cuisine. Located in Nawala, the restaurant operates a delivery service, as well as, a takeaway service. Free of charge delivery is provided to Colombo 1-7, Nawala, Nugegoda, Rajagiriya, and Dehiwala. KOTTULABS has also partnered with PickMe, Uber Eats, and EATSS for delivery. You can satiate your immense urge to devour a fresh Kottu by checking out there website at

Written above is an article on KOTTULABS, penned by To view the complete article on their site, click here.

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