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The customer is King

It goes without saying that customers are the most important stakeholder of a business. They are the reason that all other stakeholders and the relationship with them are so important. Keeping customers happy and coming back to you is the number one priority of any business and KOTTULABS is no different.

Attracting new customers is important, but getting customers to keep coming back repeatedly is what a business's sustainability and success depends on. Customers generally go back to a company if they think that business provides them good value for money. KOTTULABS takes this very seriously and ensure that they do provide the customer with every reason to keep coming back to them.

But with all this care and attention given to the KOTTULABS product and service, the reality is that there will still be complaints and criticisms. The reality is that there will be off days, there will be disgruntled customers, sometimes for the sake of being so, and at other times for a genuine reason. Either way, complaints can be disheartening for anyone; specially to someone who takes extra care to give the best to the customer. And so it was for the guys at KOTTULABS. They say the first complaint that came through disheartened them quite badly. But realising that this is reality, they soon got on with fixing the problem and making sure the customer was happy. Don says, if KOTTULABS has made a mistake then they are genuinely interested in identifying it, fixing it and moving on.

Don says that it is more disheartening to come across people that complain for the sake of it, or to try and get something for free; than dealing with constructive criticisms from customer who genuinely want to see you improve your products and service. He is happy to say that most KOTTULABS customers belong to the second group and are a daily encouragement to the four partners and employees alike and helps them keep going. Yet he says that sadly he has come across some from the first group from time to time as well. Customers are the reason a business exists; and they can make or break a business. He also says that websites that 'review' businesses and restaurants also have a big influence and so can make or break a fledging business, because they create a certain picture in the mind of the customer; including potential customers.

KOTTULABS chefs prepare their dishes with a lot of care. Don says they cook with as much care as when cooking for your family and loved ones. Therefore food is cooked daily with fresh produce. Nothing that has been sitting in a freezer is used in the preparation of dishes. One comment that Don has heard lately is that with time the taste of the KOTTULABS dishes have changed. He says this is because the protein element that does in to the Kottu is pre-cooked earlier that day and used when cooking the dish to be taken to the customer. This is done to minimize the wait time for the customer from placing the order to having the food placed in front of them. Initially as KL started all the elements of the dish, including the protein, was cooked after the order was placed. This was possible back then as there were fewer orders, but now with the increase in orders and KOTTULABS gaining a larger group of loyal customers, some elements must be pre-cooked and kept ready for use. Yet, even this is done daily and never used the next day.

Don says KOTTULABS really value customer feedback as this allows them to gain an insight into understanding the needs of the customer, and help them satisfy those needs accordingly. Customer satisfaction is paramount to KOTTULABS. Don says that the support they have received from their loyal customer base right from the beginning, through Covid, and to the present day is what pushes them forward and helps them keep going. 'We are so grateful to our customers' says Don.

Written by Shali Jayasuriya

Shali is a freelance writer and blogger. She has written articles for clients from various fields, as well as developing content for websites and social media as well as copy writing for press releases, collateral and internal marketing. She has extensive marketing experience and has worked in various industries including aviation and hospitality, education and e-commerce. Read her blog at

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