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Miris by Islandmom

Miris by Islandmom

Browsing for an explosive naimiris condiment? Miris by Islandmom is here to ignite your taste buds with its artisanal yet intolerable naimiris.

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Naimiris Fiery Sauce - Level Hot

Rs. 550

Available in a 250g Jar. Vegan.


Naimiris Chilli Jam

Rs. 780

Available in a 300g Jar. Non-Vegan.

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Naimiris Fiery Sauce - Level Exxtreme

Rs. 560

Available in a 250g Jar. VEGAN.

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Naimiris Fiery Sauce - Level Dynamite

Rs. 580

Available in a 250g Jar. VEGAN.

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