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Make your Kottu

Make a Kottu just the way you want it! Browse through the options shown below. Please note that you will be charged for the price of the curry plus the price of the kottu type and any add-ons you wish to include. 


Medium Kottu

serves 1 - 2


Large Kottu

serves 2 - 3

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Choose one or more Curries

Medium Kottu

Lankan Chicken Curry 
Batter-fried Boneless Chicken
Lankan Kiri Maalu 

Batter-Fried Mushroom

Lankan Egg Fry 

Lankan Prawn Curry 

Lankan Curried Beef

Fried Chicken Meatball

Lankan Mutton Curry

Lankan Dalla Curry

Curried Seafood
Babath Curry

Rs. 520 (190g)

Rs. 580 (150g)

Rs. 500 (90g)

Rs. 460 (100g)

Rs. 420 (2 eggs)

Rs. 560 (60g)

Rs. 580 (90g)

Rs. 510 (80g)

Rs. 880 (100g)

Rs. 580 (100g)

Rs. 710 (140g)

Rs. 560 (150g)

Large Kottu

Rs. 800 (280g)

Rs. 900 (250g)

Rs. 740 (180g)

Rs. 580 (180g)

Rs. 500 (3 eggs)

Rs. 960 (110g)

Rs. 930 (180g)

Rs. 600 (160g)

Rs. 1270 (130g)

Rs. 1000 (160g)

Rs. 1170 (280g)

Rs. 910 (250g)

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