Cranberry Fizz

A refreshing Cranberry drink to compliment your kottu!

Rs. 400

Water (500 mg)

Sometimes, you just need some good old water!

Rs. 35

Blue Lagoon

Blue-licious drink to pair up perfectly with your kottu.

Rs. 400

Ginger Beer

Homemade and delicious as ever!

Rs. 400

Reviva Iced Tea

Available in Green Apple, Peach Delight, Misty Lemon, Blueberry Blast, Strawberry, Pomegranate.

Rs. 250

Iced Coffee

Offered by Fontera, this Iced Coffee will soon be your favorite.

Rs. 400


Nothing like a RedBull energy drink, right?

Rs. 350

Nelli Fizz

A cool nelli drink to compliment your kottu!

Rs. 400

Coke (400 mg)

Coke plus Kottu, a match made in heaven!

Rs. 180

RedBull Sugar Free

Calorie conscious? Have the sugar free RedBull instead.

Rs. 350


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